House of Commercial & Residential Property Development, Construction and Facilities Management


Welcome to DCI Holdings, Africa’s premier property development, facilities management and construction specialist.

DCI Holdings is a one-hundred percent black-owned, and fifty percent black women owned and managed business. Based in the Western Cape, DCI Holdings provides its services nationally; across all sectors, i.e. industrial, commercial, residential and retail. Geared to be amongst the most successful property development, facilities management and construction specialist, we have established ourselves as a serious player in respect of our areas of operations. Our credentials in our diversified business portfolio as well as our experience in the public sector and state owned enterprise services are impeccable. We have tremendous expertise in servicing volume clients, having been directly involved in similar scoped and complexity assignments.

Through the company’s mission to "design, develop and offer exceptional solutions inspired by quality and maximum return on investment" sustained by our vision to be "a strong leader in quality, client-focused solutions”, the company is a powerful source of endless possibilities.

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Key Facts
  • Founded in April 2003
  • BEE Certified - level 2 contributor
  • 100% Black Owned
  • 50 % Female–owned
  • Employees: 53
  • CIDB Registered
  • CIDB Grade 5GBPE /6GB
  • NHBRC - a registered as a Home Builder
  • Operates in 3 main national business areas – buildings, infrastructure and facilities management
  • Customer satisfaction: 10 year track record of achieving great implementation results
  • Client-focused company: Excellent track record of meeting and exceeding client investment expectations
  • A leader in Quality client-focused solutions that are rooted in a rich Africa identity
  • Accreditation for Social Housing

  • Membership Affiliation